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Coffee night October 19, 2007

Houston Leadership Community Workshop - October 22th, 2007

Celebrate Vietnamese Community - October 28th, 2007

Chương Trình nhạc thính phòng với chủ đề
Du Tử Lê, 50 năm trên ngọn tình sầu
(Poetry and Musical Concert featuring Du Tu Le, fifty years of Poetry)

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Greatland Investment & CSL Realty Investment Group, Inc. Scholarship - July 16, 2007

Nicholas C. LePham Citizenship and Public Service Award - July 18, 2007

VCSA Times 2006 - highlights of activities and programs

After school Tutors Wanted

Vietnamese Hotline Translation Project



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Program Guidelines

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Publish an annual magazine Huong Viet to exchange ideas among members and to act as the official voice of VCSA.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Organize quarterly general meetings to obtain feedback and ideas from members regarding VCSA programs and activities.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Organize regular cultural events and participate in the annual cultural events such as the American Asian Festival and the Mardi Gras Festival.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Organize regular workshops to discuss Science and Technology topics and to share ideas and skills among professionals.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Partner with health related institution such as Baylor College of Medicine to deliver Health Awareness and Substance Abuse Awareness workshops for Vietnamese community.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Partner with financial institutions (such as JP Morgan Chase, Washington Mutual Bank State Farm Bank, etc.) to deliver financial educational programs for the Vietnamese-American community in Houston and vicinity.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Partner with corporations to deliver youth leadership development programs, youth mentoring program and after school tutorial programs for students of grade 6 to grade 12.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Participate in all community related activities such as charitable fund raising events, the Vietnamese New Year Festival, the Asian-American Festival and other Asian communities’ events.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Partner with other Asian community organizations to deliver tobacco prevention programs for youth and adults, focusing on youth tobacco prevention.

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