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Organizational Chart

Board of Directors

Name Occupation
Khoa D. Doan Principal Scientist
Frank Duc Hoang Business Developer
Hung M. Le Network Engineer (PRESIDENT)
Thanh H. Luu Sales Manager
Anhlan Nguyen Senior IT Consultant (CHAIRWOMAN)
Tuong Vu Nguyen System Engineer
Phong H. Pham System Manager
Peter Hop Pham State Auditor
Tinh Tien Trinh Senior Engineer
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Advisory Board

Dr. Charles Cuong Nguyen, Dean of School of Engineering, Catholic University of America

Mr. Bao Ngoc Nguyen, Sr. Engineer

Dr. Bich Lien Nguyen,  M.D.

Mr. Truong Duy Nong, Educator

Dr.  Duc Y Nguyen, Physician

National Executive Board 2005 - 2007

Title Name
President Mr. Hung Le
Vice President - Internal Affairs Mr. Tuong Vu Nguyen
Vice President - External Affairs Ms. Teresa To-Trinh Trinh
Assistant Vice President Ms. Thanh H. Luu
General Secretary Ms. Cam Van Nguyen
Treasurer Mr. Peter Hop Pham
DFW Chapter President Mr. Anh Quoc Tran
Austin Chapter President Mr. Mieu Vu
San Diego Chapter President Ms. Helen Minh Hang Nguyen
Washington DC Chapter President Mr. Vien Van
Toronto Chapter President Mr. Phieu Quang Le


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