Organized by 
The Vietnamese Culture & Science Association (VCSA) and
The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) of University of Houston

Sunday, October 28, 2001
8:00 am to Noon
University of Houston - Main Campus
4800 Calhoun Rd (Entrance #1)
Houston, Texas 77004

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On September 11, 2001, the world was stunned to learn about the terrorist attacks in America. Four commercial airliners were hijacked. Two of them crashed into the twin World Trade Towers in New York City killing more than 5000 people. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC claiming hundreds of other lives ... The fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania shortly thereafter…The most tragic incidents have occurred in the history of USA and shocked the whole world. As of September 20, the total number of people who are presumed dead has reached more than 6500 including hundreds of firefighters, police offices risking their life to save others. Despite this horrible tragedy, the incident has brought America together and we have never seen such wonderful unity and comradeship among American citizens as in the last two weeks.

In response to the devastating loss of thousands of American families from this tragic event, Vietnamese Culture and Science Association and Vietnamese Students’ Association of University of Houston, with the support of many other Vietnamese-American and Asian American community organizations, will organize a walk-a-thon to raise funds for the families of the victims, especially for the families of those firefighters and police officers who have lost their lives saving others. All funds raised will be donated to the victims’ families through American Red Cross Liberty Relief Funds. 

The Walk for America will be held on Sunday October 28, 2001 from 8:00am – noon at University of Houston, Main Campus, 4800 Calhoun, Houston, Texas. This three-mile walk does not only help to demonstrate our love and support to the victim families in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania, it is also a symbol of unity from the community in Houston. As President Bush said in an address to the nation “United We Stand!”, we would like to demonstrate the unyielding spirit of a free and united America;  and thus, “United, we walk!”  We ask for your contribution, but even better, for your participation in the project. Together we will make a difference.

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To raise funds for the American Red Cross Liberty Relief Fund to help the families of the victims of the September 11 tragic events in New York City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. 
To demonstrate our spirit of unity and our pride in America.
To show our gratitude for the heroes who lost their lives saving others.

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Instruction to fill in the Registration Form

Each walker will need to fill in one Sponsorship Registration form.  Fill in your personal information such as name, address, phone number ... on the first three lines on the form.   

Prior to the walk day, you can raise money by asking your family, relatives, friends, co-workers ... to sponsor your walk.  Write down the sponsor names and amount collected on each line on the form.  If the number of sponsors is more than the line numbers provided on the form then print another form and staple it behind the first one and so on.  If you collect more than $10 then you don't have to pay a  $10 registration fee.  Otherwise, you write down your name again on the line of the first sponsor along with a contribution of $10 as the registration fee.  The more you can collect the better chance we meet the goal of raising $40,000.

You are responsible to collect donations from your sponsors and add up the donations correctly.  We encourage that you ask the sponsors to write check to American Red Cross Liberty Relief Fund if at all possible.  American Red Cross will issue receipt directly to your sponsors based on the address printed on the check.  

Don't forget to read the disclaimer, sign and date the form.

Upon turning in the form at the registration desks on the walk day, Sunday October 28, 2001, we will issue a tag to each walker with a unique walk number printed.  The walkers must attach that number on their back for identification purpose and you are set to go.

For your convenience, we will announce the pre-registration date and place here on this website so you could drop in the form and get your walk number.  If you cannot participate in the walk and would like to turn in your registration form by mail please send your form along with donations (check only, no cash) to VCSA at the address below.

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Contact Numbers

Vietnamese Culture and Science Association
11554 Bellaire Blvd - Houston, TX 77072
Phones: (713) 406-3030, (713) 577-1110, (281) 847-3396, (281) 599-8010
Fax: (281) 847-4264
Email: vhkh@vhkhvn.org
Web site http://www.vhkhvn.org

Map of the University of Houston

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