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Tha? Tho game

Date:   Sunday, February 6, 2000
Time:  Noon - 6:00PM
Place:  Astro Arena, Houston

VCSA had a great Tha? Tho Game Booth in the Tet 2000 Festival at Astro Arena thanks to the volunteer spirit of a team of more than 40 members to prepare the decoration on Saturday, setup the sound, stage and game booth early Sunday and ran the game from 11:00pm - 6:00pm. Please join me to congratulate the two ladies who coordinated successfully this project: Ho` Ngo.c Tram (coordinator) and Nguye~n Anh Tram (assistant-coordinator). The two "Tram Ladies" did an excellent job in helping to plan all tasks to deliver a great Game Booth on Sunday. Congratulation!

This year our booth was given a very spacious area (40 ft by 40 ft) and hence the decoration team did an excellent job in creating a very nice image for the game booth with the big altar, a huge picture of the dragon in the background, cau ddoi ddo? and all beautiful flowers that Trung and Tha?o have brought in for our Game Booth. Great thanks to Hoang Duc, leader of the decoration team, and Trung and Thao for all wonderful flowers plants and cha.u mai, thuy? tien that they brought in (they even used the truck to bring the plants in). The Game Booth did attract a lot of guests from 11:00am till the last minute before we close at 6:00pm (the booth was always crowded with people).

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As usual, the Tha? Tho Game cannot be lively without anh Ba?o, chi. Phan Duy, anh Truo`ng and chi. Tie?u Muo.i (I also did help sometimes to fill in the buffer when chi Duy needed a break, well, I might have to learn to ngam tho in the future, :-)).

All beautiful ladies in colorful a'o da`i and a'o tu' than did brighten up our Game Booth. Special thanks to all of you who showed up very early and added greatly to the charm of our Game Booth with your beautiful outfit. Special thanks to Thanh Thu`y, Oanh Vu~, Huong Tra`n, Linda Tra`n, Elena, Thanh Tra`n, Kha'nh Van, chi Huy Lan, chi Ha(`ng, chi Tho., chi Minh Tan, Anh Tram, Nguye.t Minh, Phuong A'nh, Kha'nh Linh, Ngo.c Tram, Luong Uyen, Tina Nguyen, chi Chau, and many more that I might miss in the list... and also all gentlemen who also helped to run the tha tho game and help out with the technical tasks as well like Hoa`ng Du'c, Ngoc Thien, Tuong Vu~, Nam Linh, Duy Da.t, Ngo Hoa La.c, Tru'c Pham, Sieu Nguye~n, DDa(ng Tua'n, Hoa`ng Nhu Nam, Tina's friend etc... and special, special thanks to our sound master: anh Ha` Hu~u Quang for his super job of putting together a sound system from Dr. Thuan's speakers, La Croissant D'or mixer and some other microphones... He did an excellent job in helping us to get a very good sound system this year. A big thank anh Quang! Great thanks to Dr. Thuan for his offer to help as well.

Best regards,


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