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Que Huong Nhin Lai

Date:   Saturday, February 26, 2000
Time:  8PM - 11PM
Place:  Saigon Sport City - Dallas



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Hello all;

Enclosed is the email from anh Tran Quoc Anh, chairman of the Dallas Chapter to give feedback from Dem Tho Nhac "Que Huong Nhin Lai" on Feb 26, 2000.

Congratulation for the Dallas group for a job extremely well done (they raised $9,141.22 for the flood victims in Central Vietnam, after deduction of expenses already).

Great thanks to all Houston members (about 26 members) who joined us to the trip to Dallas and great thanks to the hospitality of anh chi Pham Dung for tolerating the gang from Houston for Saturday and Sunday (we surely remember famous and excellent pho*? cooked by anh Du~ng and xo^i ga^'c tuye^.t vo*`i of chi. Du~ng).

Also great thanks to chi Viet Ly and anh Duy for taking time to drive a long way from Memphis, Tennessee to contribute to the event performances.

Best regards,


-----Original Message-----

From: Anh Tran <>
To: Dallas group
Date: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 10:58 PM
Subject: Post -De^m Tho* Nha.c

Hello all,

First of all, let's give ourselves a HUGE congratulation for an outstanding job at -De^m Tho* Nha.c. The success of -De^m Tho* Nha.c was evidenced with a sold out crowd (we had to turn people away), very positive feedback from the attendants, the performers, and the media (all the Vietnamese newspapers planned to have a big article about the event in their newspapers, so be looking for them, and the Vietnamese radio stations invited us to have a post interview).

We also raised a respectable amount of money to send to the flood victim in Vietnam. The event would not be possible if it was not for your dedication, talents, teamwork, and endless sleepless nights. We should be very proud of ourselves.

Also, on behalf of VHKHVN Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter, I would like to warmly recognize the VHKH-Houston for their contribution, support, and encouragement. AnhLan and A. Bao were so professional and superb in their roles as MCs, all the talented performers who added so much to the program, those members who were willing to step in to do whatever that's need to be done, and all the background work you all contributed prior to the event. Without you friendship and support, we in the Dallas chapter would feel isolated and we would not be able to provide such a great program.

We also don't want to forget the VHKH member who came for this event from Memphis, Tennessee. We appreciate your support and we hope your trip was worthwhile.

Finally, don't get too comfortable with your bed because Le^n -Du*o*\ng 2000 (LD2000) is coming soon (May 26-29) and we have a lot of work to do, so back to business. On March 10, we'll have a pot luck dinner/LD2000 meeting at a/c La^n's house.

An agenda will be forthcoming, but mark your calendar and invite some friends because we'll need a lot of help for this big event. A. La^n, please post the direction to your house and a phone number to contact in case we get lost.


Tran Anh

Welcome remark of the organizing committee


Khanh Ly


Hon Viet Choir


Tieu Muoi

Ton Nu Le Ba

The proceed from the event goes to Thay Thich Phap Nhan and LM Nguyen Xuan Hoa


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