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Asian American Festival

October 17, 1998 between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m., at the Miller Outdoor Theater, Hermann Park, Houston, we had a half-hour "Ao' Da`i" fashion show followed by a Dragon dance. Luu Huyen Thanh was coordinating the show with the help of Nghi Pham.

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"The weather was beautiful in the afternoon though it rained hard in the morning and the day after.  It was thanks to our Fashion Show group!  Pretty young ladies in elegant "Ao Dai" were the targets of many photographers.   The Dragon Dance performed by the energetic gentlemen of our group opened the show.   Three cheers for Nghi Pham, Dennis, Cuong Le and our friends in the MUA LAN team of the Vietnam Bhudist Center.  The bounding sounds of the drums attracted many people to come and watch the performance.  The number of spectators was estimated at 200. The Dragon Dance appeared once more to lead the wedding costume session.  As explained by chi Phan Duy, the gracious hostess of the whole program, the Dragon with the lion head is a good omen of prosperity and happiness.  Then came two cutest couples of little boys and girls holding lanterns.  The sincerity and innocence of these little angels aroused a good applause from the spectators.  Anh Bao's camera was working hard!  For your information, the two boys are Anh Bao's sons, and the two girls are his nieces.  We had a lovely afternoon thanks to our Fashion Show group.   There were 32 participants in this show.  Thank you all for your hard work and good effort.  Everyone gave Huyen Thanh and Nghi a big round of applause for their outstanding leadership.  Last but not least, we also want to thank our VHKH members and friends who have helped or come to support our group."

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