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Houston - February 21, 1999

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We all had a great time at the Tet Festival @ George Brown Convention Center in Houston. First of all, I would like to thank our remote members who visited us during last weekend and did offer great help for our Game booths:

- Anh Luu Tri Dung (Don Luu) from Portland, Oregon, without whom the Mice Game (Na(m Me`o Tha? Chuo^.t) would not been successful.

- Tra^`n Quy`nh Kim Nga^n from Louisville, KY for being such a lovely model for the Tha? Tho* game.

and more than 40 members who volunteered their time and effort to make both the Game Booths (Tha? Tho* and Tha? Chuo^.t) being very successful despite the fact that we did not have the big crowd as we had last year. We do not have an official amount of money we raise yet, but we all know that we made some money for Ho^.i and above all, the Tha? Tho* Game did add a very special cultural beauty to the Tet Festival overall, and the Tha? Chuo^.t Game did add some fun to the Hoi cho as well.

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It was funny that today the Tet Festival organizer had an interview with Little Saigon Radio and anh Duong Phuc did ask me to answer a couple of questions through the phone on our game booths at Hoi cho (although we are not the organizer). It means that the Tha? tho* game did impress them a great deal! And I also heard from VOVN tonite some great compliments on anh Nguyen Ngoc Bao on how great his performance was yesterday when running the Tha? Tho* Game in Houston. We also would like to thank anh Truong for taking time out of his busy schedule to help out anh Ba?o in preparing some ca^u tho* tha? and in running the game.  Dr. Tram Ho did a great job in coordinating all the process.  I also heard that chi Tieu Muoi did have such a beautiful voice in poem recital. The reason why I keep saying "I heard..." is that I am constantly busy with tha? chuo^.t game and did not have the chance to take a round trip around the Tet Festival, :-((.

Regarding Tha? Chuo^.t Game, my hat off to Mr. Dung Luu's talent in being such a great MC for running the game. I will not survive without Hoang Duc and Luu Dung's help for running the game. Anh Le Mong Hung and Hoang Duc did put together a very beautiful tha? chuo^.t game board that we were so regretful to leave at Hoi cho tet since we didn't have car to carry it home. You guys did an excellent job in equipment preparation. Specially, Miss Khanh Thu put out a great effort in coordinate the whole process. YO! (You're outstanding).

Best regards,

Anhlan Nguyen

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