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Vietnamese Literature Class 7/11 - 8/15/99
Lo'p Va(n Ho.c Vie.t Nam):

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Than mo`i ca'c ba.n ghi danh tham du. Lo'p Va(n Chuong Vie.t Nam he` 1999 vo'i chi tie't nhu sau:
Chu? dde` Lo'p Ho.c:  "Thi Ca Vie.t Nam tie`n chie'n va` hie.n dda.i".

Khai gia?ng: Chu? Nha.t 11/7/1999  (2:00pm - 4:00pm)
Be' gia?ng:  Chu? Nha.t 15/8/99
DDi.a ddie?m: Houston Community College Systems 
4310 Dunlavy - Tel: (713) 718-5300 Pho`ng so` G2.

Lo'p ho.c se~ to? chu'c va`o mo~i chie`u chu? nha.t tu` 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

Le. phi' ghi danh la` 20 My~ kim cho tro.n kho'a (ho.i vien HVHKH dduo.c bo't 50%).

Tha`nh pha`n gia?ng hua'n go`m co'  ky~ su Nguye~n Ngo.c Ba?o va` gia'o su Nong Duy Truo`ng.

Muo'n bie't them chi tie't xin vui lo`ng lien la.c ca'c so' ddie.n thoa.i: (281) 847-3396  hoa(.c  (281) 333-6983


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