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The Ninth Annual National Youth Leadership
Development Camp
May 26th - 29th, 2006

Prince William Forest Park
Camp Site #5

Triangle, Virginia 22172
Phone: (703) 221-5843
Direct line: (703) 221-2699
Fax: (703) 221-4322

Online Registration

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Check-in Time: 6:00pm Friday May 26th
Check-out Time: 2:00pm Monday May 29th, 2006


Imagine a community where adults and youth make personal and social responsibility a priority, where people use their unique skills and talents to make their community a better place, where creative solutions, positive actions and kind words are the catalyst for change. The Vietnamese Culture and Science Association (VCSA) would like to invite you to share in a special vision for our community development.

The commitment to lifelong learning, achievement, and improvement usually begins at an early age. Young people who have accepted leadership roles in their organization or community and demonstrated an early commitment to others should be encouraged and supported in their development. With the rising of Vietnamese-American population in North America and the emerging of many youth-led community organizations, there is a growing demand to have a positive environment where young community activists can sharpen their leadership skills, network with their peers, and share their experiences over the years of community involvement. With that in mind, since 1998, VCSA has organized the annual National Youth Leadership Development Camp, namely Len Duong Camp (or “Embark on a Journey”). 

The camp program is carefully designed to empower young Vietnamese-Americans to become effective leaders in their respective organizations through leadership education and hands-on experience. Each year, Len Duong Camp provides approximately 250-300 young people with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a camp setting. Participants are exposed to the concepts, elements, and process of leadership, learn to recognize group dynamics and to understand its effects on the leadership process, and enhance their powers of analysis relating to critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution. 

In community service organizations, collaborations are frequent and essential for the success of delivering the desired impacts. Indeed, the Len Duong Camp project involved collaborations and partnerships between VCSA and many other community-based groups, educational institutions, small businesses, and corporations. We are especially fortunate to receive support from LEAP (Leadership for Asian Pacific, Inc.) for providing leadership development workshops and seminars at the camp since 2003.

In the past eight years, Len Duong Camp has served over 2,000 young community activists and students. In this unique environment, campers have sharpened their leadership skills and realized their potential as future leaders. They return each year more motivated, more equipped for and committed to community involvement. Based on the feedback we have received from campers and on tracking actual campers’ community involvement, the impact of these camps has been one of the biggest success stories in the Vietnamese American community. We would like to continue to build on what we have established. Len Duong Camp 2006 will take place at Camp Site 5 (Happy Land) – Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, Virginia during the Memorial Holiday weekend, May 26-29, 2006.

VCSA has fully committed its support and resources to this strategic project. A staff of 40 volunteers contributes approximately 6,000 hours of service to Len Duong Camp project each year. This project has proven successful in the past years. 



The goal of VCSA’s National Youth Leadership development camp is to develop future leaders for Asian-American communities, specially focusing on Vietnamese-Americans.


The objectives of the camp are to:

    • Increase by 10 percent the number of campers who will be taking active leadership role after the camp (as measured by the number of youths who will become officers of their respective organizations after attending the camp);

    • Increase volunteerism by 20 percent (as measured by the number of youths involved in community activities after the camp);

    • Build a network where young people can share experiences and ideas;

    • Encourage friendship and open possibilities for the future collaboration of Vietnamese-American youth-led organizations across the nation in community projects; and

    • Build cultural heritage awareness to bridge the generation gap in the Vietnamese-American community; increase by 15 percent the number of campers who become more committed to learn about their roots and their cultural heritage.

Target Groups

    • Young community leaders or young professional already involved in community projects;

    • Leaders of other youth-led organizations with a strong interest in community involvement.

    • Vietnamese American Student Association officers for all U.S. and Canada universities.

 Measure Of Success

To measure our success, we will:

    • Request evaluations from campers and post the results on our Web site.

    • Count the number of campers who become officers in their local community organizations after the camp.

    • Track the number of campers involved with community work and see an increased by 15 percent (i.e. 15 percent of campers after the camp are inspired to become leaders or active members in an organization); gather first-hand accounts.

    • Encourage campers to help organize the next camp Len Duong.

Guest Speakers

    • Mr. Hau, Thai-Tang, Director of Advanced Product Creation and SVT, Ford Motor Company.

      Mr. Hau Thai-TangHau Thai-Tang is currently the Director of Advanced Product Creation and SVT. He formally was the Chief Nameplate Engineer for the Mustang program. He has total operational responsibility for the Mustang business including the current model programs, and the new model programs.

      Prior to his current appointment, Thai-Tang served as the Chief Engineer for Vehicle Engineering in Ford's North American Car, Lifestyle Vehicles organization. As Vehicle Engineering Chief, he oversaw the design and development of the Thunderbird, Mustang, and Windstar vehicle lines.

      Thai-Tang served as the Vehicle Engineering Manager for the Mustang Vehicle Line from June 1999 to April 2001. He led the development and launch of the 2001 Mustang GT, V6, Cobra, and Bullitt models. In addition, Thai-Tang led the design of the all new, next generation Mustang replacement vehicle.

      From March 1997 to June 1999 Thai-Tang served as the Vehicle Dynamics Supervisor and then the Vehicle Engineering Manager for the 2000 Lincoln LS program. Under his leadership, the LS earned Motor Trend Car of the Year award, Autoweek's Ten Best award, a Consumer Reports “Promising” rating, and was named the Best Driving Domestic Sedan by Road and Track magazine.

      Thai-Tang’s Ford experience also includes an international assignment in Cologne, Germany along with an assignment with Ford Racing as part of Ford’s CART program.  Thai-Tang served as a race engineer for the Newman-Haas Racing team during the 1993 season.  He was responsible for the development of Nigel Mansell’s and Mario Andretti’s race cars.  His efforts contributed to six race victories, eight pole positions, twelve podium finishes, and the overall driver’s and manufacturer’s championships.

      Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Thai-Tang joined Ford as a Ford College Graduate Trainee in 1988. He received an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with distinction in 1993, and also holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2001, Hau received the Young Leadership and Excellence Award from the Automotive Hall of Fame.

      Thai-Tang resides in Northville, Michigan with his wife Jenny and two daughter's Katie and Maddie.

    • Resource Staffs:
      1 -
      LEAP (Leadership Training for Asian Pacifics) www.leap.org
      2 -
      Dr. Charles Cuong Nguyen, Dean of School of Engineering, Catholic University of America.
      3 - Dr. Vu Pham, Spectrum Knowledge.
      4 - Mr. Jeff Watkins, Executive Director of YMCA International Services.
      5 - Mr. Bao Nguyen, Founder of Vietnamese Culture and Science Association.


Dear fellow campers,

The Vietnamese Culture and Science Association is proud to announce its 9th Annual Len Duong Camp. This is a unique opportunity for campers to meet community activists of their peers from different regions with similar interests such as volunteerism, the desire to learn and sharpen leadership skills and deep commitment to community work.

Camp Len Duong’06 is located on a very scenic camp site offered by Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, Virginia about 32 miles south of Washington DC. Campers will be able to enjoy workshops and forums focused on leadership skills development, in addition to many exciting games, which accentuate the importance of team building and teamwork as well as the uniqueness of Vietnamese cultural heritage and history.

There will be a "powwow" bonfire on Saturday night for campers to share their thoughts on community involvement. On Sunday night, the always exciting and thought provoking team competitions will take place. This year, the program will be changed and improved a great deal and promised to be very challenging and interesting.

So plan to be there! Every day is packed with meaningful and enjoyable activities. Come and join Len Duong Camp’06. Don’t miss out this camp because it will definitely be a memorable experience that you will want to come back to, year after year.


On the 9th anniversary

VCSA would like to announce the contest for the Design of the Logo of Youth Leadership Development Camp Len Duong’06 to be held from May 26th - 29th, 2006 at Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, Virginia.

Who can participate? Everyone who has an artistic skill in designing the logo is encouraged to participate.

When is the deadline: Submit the electronic copy with a hard copy to be sent to

Len Duong’06 Logo Contest
c/o VCSA
11554 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77072

NO LATER THAN April 17, 2006.

What is the prize? The winner will be awarded $150.00 plus free registration for Len Duong’06 camp (in the value of $100.00) and honorary mentioned in the Opening Ceremony of the Camp (if the winner chooses to attend the camp). The winning logo will be used as the official logo for Len Duong’06 camp.

All Len Duong returnees are encouraged to participate. The logo design will be selected based on the following criteria:

1. Artistic value of the design.

2. Reflection of the “Youth, Teamwork, Enthusiasm, Volunteering” Spirit of the camp for the last 8 years (a torch figure or shape is preferred).

3. Simplicity so that it can be printed on T-shirt and promotional items without any technical difficulties.


Note: Please send the soft copy in picture format such as Corel Draw (.cdr) or Illustrator (.ai) or Window Metafile (.wmf) PhotoShop (.psd or .jpeg) to camp@vhkhvn.org

Winning logo from previous years: 

Click here to enlarge  Click here to enlarge  Logo 2002 Logo 2003Logo 2004


VCSA is pleased to announce the Len Duong’06 Essay Contest with the following details:

The purpose of the contest is to encourage young community activists from across the country to share their ideals in volunteerism and to encourage them to attend Len Duong camp.

Who can participate? Everyone who is currently active in a community group and wants to attend Len Duong’06 Youth Leadership Camp is eligible to participate in the contest.

How? Write an essay of 500-1000 words in English or Vietnamese describing the reason why you want to get involved with volunteer activities and/or community services? What inspired you to get involved in the community and what is your aspiration. You might also want to mention the reason why you want to go to Len Duong camp. You might want to share your experiences from the past Len Duong camps and what impact have it given to you (for anyone who has gone to Len Duong camp before).

When? The deadline to submit the essay electronically will be April 17, 2006.

What is the prize? There will be three Prizes for the three best essays. Winners will receive FREE registration fee to Camp Len Duong’06 and a Plaque as the First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize Winner of Len Duong essay contest. The winners will be presented the Prize at Len Duong’06 camp.

Please send in your essay and include your full name (last name, first name), your email and your home address. You can also send an electronic copy of the essay to camp@vhkhvn.org or send the hard copy to the following address:

Camp Len Duong’06 essay contest
c/o VCSA
11554 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77072


Prince William Forest Park – Camp Cabin 5 – HappyLand
Triangle, Virginia
(703) 221-5843
Direct line: (703) 221-2699

Map will be available here

From the South
(Richmond, North Carolina, South Carolina, etc ...)

1. Take I95 North, exit 150
2. Turn left onto Joplin Rd (619 West)
3. Keep left on Joplin Rd (619 West) for about 4 miles, turn right onto Mawavi Rd
4. Take first right to Camp Site #5 (Happy Land)

From the West

1. From I81 (from either North or South), exit 300 (I66 East)
2. From I66 East, exit 44 (Prince William Parkway - 234 East)
3. Keep 234 (East), Prince William Parkway will turn into Dumfries Rd
4. From Dumfries Rd (234 East), turn right onto Joplin Rd (619 East)
5. Stay on Joplin Rd (619 East) for about 4-5 miles, turn left onto Mawavi Rd
6. Take first right to Camp site #5 (Happy Land) (look for Vietnam yellow flag)

From the North
(Northern VA, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, etc ...)

1. Take I95 South, exit 150B - Joplin Rd (619 West)
2. Keep left on Joplin Rd (619 West) for about 4 miles, turn right onto Mawavi Rd (three-way road).
3. Take first right to Camp site#5 (Happy Land)

Follow the sign “Camp Len Duong”  and there will be the Vietnamese flag at the entrance of Camp Site#5 (Happy Land).  On your way to Camp site #5, you will see the main entrance of Prince William Forest Park first, DO NOT turn into that entrance, keep going until you see the Camp Site #5 and the Vietnamese flag.

If get lost, please call (703) 623-0870 or (703) 598-9675  or (703) 221-2699

To avoid the Memorial Day traffic jams, we highly recommend that you depart for camp at the earliest possible.

Airport pick up schedule

For out of town camper, please book your flight to Reagan National Airport (DCA) or Dulles International Airport (IAD) to arrive on Friday May 26th and send your flight schedule to the Len Duong camp transportation team at transportation@vhkhvn.org. The transportation team will contact you shortly regarding the pick-up time. We will pick up out-of-town campers/guests every 3 hours on Friday starting at 1:00pm, and we will let you know the pickup location

o Pickup time: 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm and 10:00pm Friday, May 26th, 2006

o Drop off time: 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 5:00pm Monday, May 29th, 2006

o Contact person: (available soon)


    • Pillow, blanket, bed linens (or sleeping bag).
    • Toiletries (toothbrush/paste, towel, soap, shampoo, etc)
    • Casual clothes, summer clothing, slippers, hat, flip-flops, water shoes, swimsuit, etc.
    • Miscellaneous items: flashlight (a must), umbrella or raincoat, mosquito spray (a must), camera, address book, notebooks, pens, etc.
    • Please DO NOT bring weapons, jewelry, TV’s, radios, walkman, electronic video games.


    • $110.00/person (including T-Shirt, eleven meals during the three-day camp and air-conditioned lodging) if register on or before April 17, 2006.
    • After April 17 (on availability basis) $120.00 per person.
    • VCSA member or full-time student receives $10.00 off.
    • Refund policy: Camp fee will be refunded in full for cancellation received by May 8, 2006.
    • Please NOTE: the above cut off date is based on the post marked on the envelope.


    • Complete one registration form per person.
    • Provide as much information about yourself as possible, especially the emergency contact number.  Your information is kept completely confidential and used for camp administrative purposes only.
    • Provide a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.  We communicate with you about camp related matters only via email.  If you don't have an email address you can create one, free at http://www.yahoo.com or http://www.hotmail.com before you return here to register.
    • Incomplete information will delay the process of your registration.
    • If this is your first time to register for the 2006 Len Duong camp, click on "New User Sign Up Here" button.
      If you have attended Len Duong camp before, you need to register again this year.
    • Upon completing your registration form and after clicking SUBMIT button, you will receive an acknowledgement email within an hour or so that we are processing your request. If you don't receive the acknowledgement email, contact the registration team at registration@vhkhvn.org.
    • In a day or two you will receive a confirmation email which you will need to print out, sign and mail back (via US Postal Service) with  your check (or) money order, no cash please.
    • If you logon subsequently to update your information or check your payment status, then enter your CampID (or) Email Address and password.  Click on "Sign In" button.
    • Click here to begin the Online Registration.


May 15, 2006

Fill out the Online Registration above and mail-in the payment (write down the Confirmation Number on your check upon receiving the confirmation number from the camp staff).  Check should be made payable to Vietnamese Culture and Science Association) and mail it as soon as possible after registered online to:

Vietnamese Culture and Science Association
c/o Len Duong Camp
11554 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77072


 1.      What is the purpose of the Len Duong Camp?

      The purpose of Len Duong camp is to create an environment where community activists can exchange ideas, learn leadership and team building skills, be encouraged to continue community involvement, and to learn Vietnamese culture and history. 

 2.      Who are the campers?

      The targeted campers are between 18 to 35 years old including college students, community activists, and professionals from across the U.S and Canada. Also those who are committed to developing leadership skills and interested in meeting other young, active Vietnamese North Americans over four days in a camp setting for best-practices sharing and networking should consider Len Duong Camp.

 3.      When did the first Len Duong camp take place?

      The first Len Duong camp was established in 1998 in Fort Worth, Texas.

 4.      Please explain the meaning of Len Duong.

      Len Duong, which is "Embark", means embarking on a journey or starting a new adventure. By attending Len Duong camp, you will participate in a journey in which you will learn to develop your leadership ability and your cultural heritage.

 5.      Who are the Len Duong organizers?

      Len Duong camp was established by the Vietnamese Culture and Science Association (VCSA).  Len Duong is supported every year by many other organizations and businesses.  Len Duong 2006 will be hosted by the Washington DC chapter of the VCSA with the collaboration of other VCSA chapters in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Diego, and Toronto- Canada.

 6.      Is Len Duong camp affiliated with the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network (Mang Luoi Tuoi Tre Len Duong)?

      No, Len Duong Camp is not affiliated nor associated with the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network.  Len Duong Camp was established one year before the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network was established.

 7.      When and where will Len Duong Camp take place this year?

      Len Duong camp will be held during the Memorial Holiday weekend, May 26-29, 2006 at Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, Virginia.  It is approximately 32 miles from Washington DC.

 8.      What is the duration of Len Duong camp?

      The camp will last four days.  It begins at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 26, 2006 and ends at 2 p.m. on Monday, May 29, 2006.

 9.      What is the agenda for those four days?

      The Len Duong camp program includes many activities such as workshops and forums focused on leadership skills development, team building, and Vietnamese culture and history. The program also provides opportunities for campers to exchange and share ideas on how to improve community and to get people involved.  There will be fun games, team challenges and many outdoor activities to accentuate the importance of teamwork as well as the uniqueness of Vietnamese cultural heritage and history. 

      There will also be a "powwow" bonfire on Saturday night for a youth forum discussion and on Sunday night to entertain and showcase each others’ talent.

 10.  I am 17 years old but I am very active in the community.  Can I be given an exception to attend camp Len Duong 2006?

      As stated in question 2 above, Camp Len Duong is for campers who are 18 years old or older.  Please wait until you turn 18 to be eligible for this camp.

 11.  Which languages will be used at camp Len Duong 2006?

      English and Vietnamese will be used at camp Len Duong 2006.  Most of our programs will be bilingual.

 12.  How do I register for camp Len Duong?

      On top of this page, click on Online Registration and follow the instructions.  After completing the online registration form, you will receive an email within minutes acknowledging that the registration has been received.  After a couple of days, if your registration is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with a waiver form attached.  You will need to sign the Waiver form and mail it along with your registration payment.  Once the VCSA receives your payment, your record will be updated on the VCSA database and you are all set.

 13.  What if I have problems with the online registration?

      If, after having completed the online registration and having clicked the submit button, you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the VCSA registration team at registration@vhkhvn.org and ask for help.  We will respond to you ASAP.

 14.  Who should I call if I have any questions?

      There is a contact list of people that you can call for questions about camp Len Duong posted on our web site.  See contact list on Len Duong camp web page.

 15.  Does camp Len Duong offer religious services on the Sunday morning of the camp?

      Yes, camp Len Duong always provides religious services for Catholics and Buddhists early Sunday morning.

Contact Persons

For more information, please contact your area
coordinator, or email to one of the followings

Austin, TX

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Tuong Vu Nguyen (512) 899-2308 tuongvu_nguyen@yahoo.com

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Anh Tran (214) 335-3394  tran-anh@comcast.net


wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Lan Anh Le (321) 207-0330 minhVlananh@msn.com

Houston, TX

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Thanh Luu (281) 788-8426 thanhluuhuyen@yahoo.com

Kentucky, KY

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Ngan Kim Tran (502) 807-4554 kimngan@win.net

Los Angeles, CA

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Nhu An Huynh (714) 277-0574 anhuynhn@yahoo.com

New York, NY

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Bao Minh Pham (718) 921-7235 mingoringo@hotmail.com

Oklahoma City, OK

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Dinh Ngo (405) 822-3815 mb650cd@yahoo.com

Portland, OR

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Dung Luu (503) 957-8968 dakao98@yahoo.com

San Francisco, CA

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Trang Thuy Pham (650) 387-2498 trang.pham@stanford.edu

Seattle, WA

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Quang Tran (253) 639-3490 quangqtran@hotmail.com

Toronto, CANADA

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Phieu Le (416) 818-4302 phieule@yahoo.com


wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Khanh Loan (703) 598-9676 vcsa_dc@yahoo.com

Washington, DC

wpe5.jpg (723 bytes) Linh Hoang (202) 245-6182 ldhoang@us.ibm.com


The Catholic University of America
Willows Foundation
Carter Hotel and Mr. Tran, Dinh Truong
Atom Electronics
Lee's Sandwich
Vietnamese American Scholarship Fund

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