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Session January 29, 1999

More than 22 members of VCSA gathered in a very nice club house offered by Danny Nguyen to participate in the January Toastmaster program. We also had a two special guests from Mannitoba, Canada: Dr. Tinh David Ewing Bui and his fiance Ms. Khanh Nguyen.

The table topic discussion was heated with the issue of approve or not approve the capital punishment. The four speakers of that night were all well prepared and delivered great speeches: Ms. Tieu Muoi Huynh with the ice-breaker speech sharing stories of her life; Mr. Danny Nguyen with another ice-breaker speech sharing his personal thoughts in memorizing those days he escaped the country with his dad; Ms. Kim Nguyen with a very meaningful speech on teamwork and solidarity: key to be successful in any community projects; and last but not least, Mr. Duc Hoang Nguyen with the speech on the art of planting Bonzai.

Everyone had a hard time voting for the best speaker since all of them did a very good job and the winner was Ms. Kim Nguyen since she's the only one who presented her topic within the time slot allocated (everyone else exceeded their allocated time).

The best table topic speaker was Mr. Tinh David Bui from Manitoba.

The best evaluator was Ms. Huyen Thanh Luu.

The event concluded around 10:30pm and everyone came to Begnet Cafe to treat themselves a special cup of coffee with Beigner.

 Toastmaster program is a very effective program designed to help us to develop and sharpen our public speaking skills. You are encouraged to join us at this club and take advantage of this self training program to improve your communication skills.

To sign up for a prepared speech for next month, or to volunteer in any other role, please contact Danny Nguyen at (713) 572-4657.

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