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Reunion July 4th

Planning for the event


Date: Sunday July 4, 1999
Time: 7:00am – 5:00pm
Place: EMANCIPATION PARK – Dowling & Elgin (near downtown)

July 4th, 1999 Reunion

Hello all;

We had a fun-filled day last Sunday at the July 4th Reunion for Len Duong'99 campers in Houston (actually it also includes some out-of-town campers who came from outside Houston as well).

Please join me to give a round of applause to Danny Duy Nguyen - the Reunion coordinator who has spent many hours to work on organizing this fun-filled event and got all arrangment and coordination with all other teams.  Despite the weather with a couple of thunderstorms, we still had lots of fun and nearly died of laughing during the Watermelon contest... (pictures will be posted on our web site soon).  Also another great applause for team Le Loi for bringing great salad, team Bui Thi Xuan and team Ba Trieu for contributing food, especially special thanks to Huyen Thanh for her super BBQ pork!  And of course, all other teams with the assigned tasks all showed up and lend a hand.

We had about 50-60 campers showing up during the day, some showed up as early as 7:00am (wow! these folks were in such a good spirit that they couldn't wait , :-)), and some showed up later during lunch time.  We had lots of games, group games, sport activities (even under the rain) and the most interesting game is the Watermelon Eating Contest with the three couples as finalists who created a lot of ... incredible scenes (you will see these pictures on our web site sooon!).  The most "painful" game is the riddles provided by anh Truong (he never runs out of riddle) and you can see a lot of campers "vo` dda^`u bu*'t tai" trying to solve the riddles for a prize that they will never achieve (because they will never be able to solve the riddle, :-)). 

We also had the chance to share the pictures taken at the camp in a couple of album of Len Duong camp pictures, to view a Preview of the Len Duong'99 Video with all activities captured (thanks to anh Hoc's nearly 14 hours of "intensive labor" working to complete the preview version for us to view, BRAVO anh Hoc Phan!).  A. Hoc said that the "Release Version" of Len Duong'99 camp will be available soon and you can order a copy of it by sending an amount of money to Van Hoa Khoa Hoc (I'll check with him on the cost of video, probably around $15.00 - $20.00 depending on how many tapes there are in the final version).  Please check our web site often for more information on this.  When it rained hardly, everyone gathered under the pavillion for some group singing activities and some small talk to help us to know more about each other... The rain actually helped!

Thank you all and have a great week ahead!

Best regards,

Anhlan Nguyen

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