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Session July 9, 1999

Toastmaster Report

Date: Friday July 9, 1999
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Place: Yorktown Appartment Clubhouse (first block from Westheimer and Yorktown) (near the Galleria Area).

Direction to get there:

- From southwest: take 59 North - 610 North - Exit Westheimer. Turn left on Westheimer travel Westbound until you reach Yorktown. Turn right into Yorktown, the first Appartment building on your left is Yorktown Appartment, turn left into the Appartment (using code *0026 to get in,  0025 to get out). Drive in the entrance and turn right at the end you will see the tennis court and the swimming pool of the Appartment. The Club House is a very nice house right in front of the tennis court and the swimming pool.

- From the North: take 610 south - Exit Westheimer and follow direction as specified above.

90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Toastmaster:

Anh Lan Nguyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Table Topic Master: Dat Duy Nong
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) JokeMaster: Dat Duy Nong
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) WordMaster: Nguyen Thuyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Icebreaker:
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Prepare Speech #1: Tina Nguyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Prepare Speech #2: Christine Nguyet Anh Nguyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Prepared Speech #3: Britanny Le
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Prepared Speech #4: Anh Nguyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) General Evaluator: Doan Quoc Nguyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Evaluator #1: Hoang Duc Nguyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Evaluator #2: Thu Khanh Phan
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Evaluator #3: Ly Minh Nguyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Evaluator #4: Hung Mong Le
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Grammarian: Nong Duy Truong
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Timer:   Ly Minh Nguyen
90BBBALB.gif (878 bytes) Vote Counter: Nam Linh

If you want to sign up for any available role, please contact Danny Quoc Doan Nguyen at (713) 572-4657.

Please BE ON TIME!

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