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Report of session October 8, 1999

Date: Friday October 8, 1999
Time: 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Place: Yorktown Appartment Clubhouse (first block from Westheimer and Yorktown) (near the Galleria Area).

Hi all;

We had another great toastmaster session last Friday with about 30+ members attending.

Tran Ai Chi (Joke master) started the session with a good joke that made everyone laugh, then anh Truong as the Word Master gave everyone the explanation of the word "La~ng Ma.n" (romantic) with very interesting notice of its origin.

Then the two table topic masters: Hoang Nguyen Duc and Tran Trieu Tung with two interesting topics: 1. How do you want to help Vietnam to become a prosporous country from its current terrible condition? Why?

2. Should we offer money to the homeless people who stand at the corner of the street begging for money or not? Why? The discussion was heated with pros and cons and lots of ideas and the main challenge was that you have only 2 minutes to express your opinions.

The prepared speeches were very interesting with the three speakers:

- Ba'c Hoang Kim Ba?o with the topic "Ti`m ve^` thie^n nhie^n" (introducing the natural medicine approach from our ancestors avoiding using drug).

- Tina Nguyen with the topic "Never, never, ever giving up!"

- Mr. Larry Nguyen with the topic "Go VOTE!"

Then the evaluation session was coordinated by anh Le Mong Hung with the three evaluators: a. Ha Huu Quang, Trinh Le and Nguyen Phuong Anh.

Timer report was done by a. Hoang Dang Tuan, Vote Counter was Vo Nam Linh and Grammarian report was delivered by Ms. Pham Xuan Huong.

Our toastmaster: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Doan, then presented the Awards to the Best Table topic presenter: Ms. Anhlan Nguyen, Best Prepared Speech speaker: Miss Tina Nguyen, and Best Evaluator: Miss Trinh Le.

We would like to thank Danny for offering a beautiful club house to keep this program running very smoothly and regularly every month. After the toastmaster, everyone gottogether at a restaurant and spent the rest of the night there talking, discussing and getting to know each other even more... We had a very pleasant night.


Toastmaster reporter

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