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Executive Board, term 2001 - 2003

Vietnamese Culture and Science Association (VCSA)

President   Anhlan Phuc Nguyen
Vice-President – Internal Affairs Hung Mong Le
Vice-President – External Affairs Van Khanh Bui
General Secretary Elena Thuy Nguyen
General Secretary – Assistant Aichi Tran
Treasurer Hop Huy Pham
Assistant to Treasurer Mai Phuong Duong, Sieu Nguyen
Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter Anh Q. Tran
Austin Chapter Mieu Van Vu
Memphis Chapter An Nhu Huynh
San Diego Chapter Thuy Ngoc Thi Nguyen

Sub-Committee Chairpersons

Science and Technology Dat Duy Nong
Health Promotion Tram Ngoc Ho M.D.
Magazine Production (TBA)
Fund-Raising & Marketing (TBA)
Membership Recruitment Huyen Thanh Luu
Student Support Hoai The Nguyen
Visual Arts   Tan M. Nguyen
Social – Volunteer services Vera Tran
Development Program Danh Quang Le
Recreational Truc Pham
Media Relation Trinh Le
Electronic Marketing Tung Trieu Tran
VCSA Center Administrator Sieu Nguyen

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