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The Musical and Poetry Night

Mu`a thu o*? Houston na(m nay co' gi` la.???
DDe^m Tho* Nha.c vo*'i  chu? dde^`:  "Que^ Nha` - Dda^'t Kha'ch"
do Ho^.i Va(n Ho'a Khoa Ho.c to^? chu*'c vo*'i ca'c chi tie^'t sau:

Date: November 20, 1998
Time: 7:30 - 10:00pm
Place: Fukim I Restaurant-2615 Fannin St, Houston, TX
Ticket price: $15.00 (1 free drink)
$10.00 (for VHKHVN members only)
Room Capacity: 250 - 300
Theme: Que Nha - Dat Khach
Music Band: The Blue Sky
Performers: Ton Nu Le Ba, Bich Ty, Minh Ngoc

Chu*o*ng tri`nh go^`m ca'c tie^'t mu.c thi ca dda(.c sa('c vo*i su*. go'p ma(.t dda(.c bie^.t cu?a:

To^n Nu*~ Le^. Ba - nga^m tho* hay nha^'t o*? ha?i ngoa.i (tu*` Toronto, Canada).
Bi'ch Ty - nga^m tho* no^?i tie^'ng trong Tao Dda`n VN tu*` tru*o*'c 1975.
Ca si~ Minh Ngo.c - ca chi'nh trong Ban Tu*' Ca Thu`y Du*o*ng
cu`ng tha`nh pha^`n ca si~ cu?a Houston va` Dallas.

Reported by AnhLan Nguyen

Dem Tho* Nha.c "Que^ Nha` - DDa^'t Kha'ch" - 20/11/1998 - 8:00pm - 10:30pm - Pho`ng Ta^y So*n - Fu Kim Restaurant - 2615 Fannin.

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Approximately 350 guests attended the recital

Once again, we have another Dem Tho Nhac sold out with more than 350 guests and friends attended last Friday November 20, 1998. (We initially expect to have about 300 guests, but thanks to the space of Tay son Room, we could expand the room to have more seats to serve additional guests coming on that day).  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor:  Mr. Huynh Cong Anh, Fu Kim restaurant owner for his generosity to allow us to use the room and the sound system on Thursday night for the rehearsal and to use the room for the whole day on Friday for decoration tasks.  The event featured one of the best voice in poem recital, Ms Ton Nu Le Ba from Toronto, Canada.  Her two poems "Ho^` Tru*o*`ng"

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Left to right: Minh Tan, Phuong Nga and AnhLan, members of VCSA

(with the drum accompany performed by anh Nguyen Ngoc Bao) and "Ha`nh Phu*o*ng Nam"   (Nguye^~n Bi'nh) have captured the audience completely.  Mr. Huynh Hau with "Hoa va` ru*o*.u" also received great rounds of applause from the audience.   And Ms. Bich Ty's sweet and nice voice in duo with MR. Huynh Cong Anh in "Que^ Nha` - Dda^'t Kha'ch", "DDo^i ma('t ngu*o*`i So*n Ta^y" and "Paris co' gi` la. kho^ng em?" made the event even more memorable.

On the music side, we have our guest performer from California, Ms. Minh Ngoc, with "Gia~ tu*` vu~ khi'" and "Khi to^i ve^`" also attracted great attention from the audience.


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Bich Ty

Beside that, our "ca^y nha` la' vu*o*`n" performers also received lots of compliments with "Tu*` xa nhi`n ve^` to^? quo^'c" - Nguye^~n Duy performed by anh Nguye^~n Ngo.c Ba?o, "To'c gio' tho^i bay" (Tra^`n Tie^'n) performed by Tieu Muoi, "Gia^'c mo* ho^`i hu*o*ng" (Vu~ Tha`nh) with Ms Phuong Nga's wonderful performance, "He.n em Sa`i Go`n" (Ha` Thu'c Sinh) performed by Anh Lan, "Na('ng Saigon co`n buo^`n kho^ng em?" performed by Kim Thoa, "Hu*o*ng Xu*a" (Cung Tie^'n) with Do Quyen and the trio "Ti`nh Hoa`i Hu*o*ng" (Pham Duy) with Anh Lan, Minh Tan and Phuong Nga.  The choir of "To^i Ye^u" performed by the "singing crew from VHKH" although had some minor mistake but added some vividity to the whole event and last but not least, a special performance from anh Nong Duy Truong with the song "Ngoa`i kia ddo*`i va^~n dde.p" from a poem composed by anh Nguyen Ngoc Bao and music composed by anh Truong himself. The decoration team did an excellent job this time with a very nice background of creative metal banana trees which reflected really well with our light system, and bamboo trees, etc.. Yellow roses are distributed to each table with floating candle made the atmosphere very romantic and cozy, thanks to anh Nguyen Manh Hung's generosity and those who donated money to make the floating candle being able to light up for the whole evening. 

Congratulation to the decoration team led by Hoang Duc and Khanh Thu for a job well done!  And special thank to anh Ha` Hu*~u Quang for an excellent job taking care of the light system and adding extra help for the sound system.

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