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Christmas Party - General Meeting

Date:   Saturday, December 18, 1999
Time:  6:30PM - Midnight
Place:  Vietnam Coast Restaurant - 8282 Bellaire
Ticket: $20 a person (dinner and dancing)


wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) 6:30pm - 7:00pm Reception
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) 7:00pm - 8:30pm Dinner
Slide show of Highlights of VCSA activities in 1999
Planned activities in 2000 of VCSA
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) 8:30pm - 10:30pm Entertainment program
Beauty Auction Show to raise fund for VCSA
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) 10:30pm - Midnight Dancing


We all had a wonderful time at the Christmas party last Saturday with about 160 members and friends attending the party (a little bit less than what we expected but on the other hand, it helped to create a very cozy atmosphere and made the event even more memorable).

We would like to thank our "Tu*' dda.i my~ nha^n" who has sacrified themselves for our Beauty Auction and raised $920.00 for our association. Please join me to give a round of applause for our three "dda.i my~ nha^n" of our club and one "My~ Nam Tu*?" of VHKH:

1. Nguye^~n Minh Ly' (who took time from Ohio flying back home in time to lend a hand, great thanks, Minh Ly')

2. Nguye^~n Tina (from Houston, who also play A^u Co* in the "Mo^.m Me. Tra(m con" skit at Asian American Festival)

3. Huy`nh Tie^?u Muo^.i (our fund-raising queen and also performed an excellent ca?i lu*o*ng show at the party on Saturday).

and last but not least a surprised and excellent performance from our only male beauty auction of that night "Luu Bao Viet" who raised the most money (unbelievable, isn't it? probably because our group has more female than male members? :-)). Viet is an excellent dancer and thanks to his preparation, we raised much more money for his auction. We did not know that besides Material Arts and Kung Fu Viet is also such a great dancer. Congratulation to the four winners of the Beauty Auction show.

Also we would like to congratulate the winner of the Picture Auction, the newly wed couple: Bu`i Kha'nh Va^n and Hoa`ng Nhu* Nam who won the bid of $500.00 for the great painting donated by Hoang Nguyen Duc. Great thanks to Hoang Duc & Ngoc Tram for their generosity of donating the painting for auction at this special occasion.

The Beauty Action show can not be fun without the talents of anh Nguyen Ngoc Bao and chi Huy Lan who conduct the auction with lots of charm.

All performers that night were great too with lots of songs, group song and even skit. Anh Phillip Tho did an excellent job as the one man music band and he even gave us some discount since he said that he did enjoy the party as well (he even put in some bid for chi Tieu Muoi, :-)).

We also have the honor to welcome one of our favorite and long-time sponsor, Mr. Le Ba Viet, Vice-President of United Central Bank, which will be the Underwriter of our Spring Concert. My apology for not recognizing his contribution at the party but he told me that he had a great time also.

Together we raised $1,270.00 from the Beauty Auction and the Painting Auction. Great thanks to Luu Huyen Thanh who was the person initiating this idea and despite the fact that she got the cold the day before, Thanh managed to show up and helping to prepare for the show to much details. Chi Tieu Muoi and bac si Thuan did an excellent job as the MC for the program that Saturday.

Everyone had a great and wonderful time and the dance continued until midnight.

Let's give a round of applause for Ban To chuc Xmas party (this time all of the most important folks are all... guys! :-))

Nong Duy Dat, Tran Ngoc Thien and Pham Truc.

You guys did a very good job despite the fact that we had to rush only a week before the event.

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