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Meal For Homeless - Star of Hope

The event occurred in Downtown Houston - 11/22/1998 - 10:00am - 2:00pm.

More than 27 VCSA members joined the Vietnamese American community in Houston and vicinity to serve more than 300 homeless people on November 20 in the "Meals for Homeless" project. With our new VCSA polo shirt, the VCSA crew did get a lot of attention from our guests.  In the spirit of giving during the Thanksgiving holiday season, lots of our members volunteered for this event.  The team was led by anh Robert Quang Le, thank you for a job very well done.

Reported by Robert Quang Le

Hello everyone,

Sorry I was not able to update the event sooner, I got sick the day of the event and did not recover until Thanksgiving; and had to be out of town. So hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and here is a brief report:

We were all there at about 10am and everyone had on their polo shirt with our logo; we stood out very prominently among the volunteers, and looked very professional. We had about 25 members present there, and were responsible for one whole section of tables; including prepping the tables, serving the women and children, cleaning up, and overall being productive. As a matter of fact, we, as a group representing VCSA, were the most organized and took initiatives for the other groups to follow.
The event overall was very interesting and fun. There were around 200 volunteers from various Vietnamese organizations around Houston. I think there were as many volunteers as there were recipients that day, and they were waited on hand and foot. The meal included fried rice, broiled chicken, eggroll, and dessert. There was also a live heavy metal rock band for entertainment.
After the recipients finished their meal, the volunteers got a chance to enjoy the meals, but we had to serve ourselves:-)
We took a group picture, cleaned up the place, and parted ways. And that's all folks! I also have quiet a few shirts left, so let me know if you want to buy one; I will have it there at the general meeting this Friday.
Good day all,

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