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Christmas Toy Drive
12/20/98 at Asia City Mall (Thuong Xa A Chau) at Beechnut and Southwest Freeway

The Gift Drive for Children (Niem Mo Uoc Mua Giang Sinh) is a project sponsored and coordinated by Little Saigon Radio.  In keeping with previous years, VCSA contributes money and time to this great cause. Please help out by donating money or volunteering your time.  Here is the list of activities - Little Saigon needs help in all of these areas:

1. Please let me know if you could donate money by WEDNESDAY (December 16th) at NOON. It is my understanding that VCSA will donate $100. We would like to pool our donations in and send to Little Saigon as a group. Your donations will be tax deductible. I will be at the Christmas party on Friday so I could collect your donations there BUT please give me your donation commitment by tomorrow at noon.

2. If you like to shop and could help in buying gifts this week, please contact me and I will give you the name and number of the person that is in charge of this.

3. The gifts are being wrapped this Friday starting at 5PM until all the gifts are wrapped. This will be done at Litttle Saigon Radio - 6776 Southwest Freeway. Please remember that our Christmas party is also in the same evening.

4. The BIG DAY (when we distribute the gifts to the children) is this Sunday, December 20th. The gift distirbution event will be at Asia City Mall (Thuong Xa A Chau) at Beechnut and the Southwest Freeway. If you could help in transporting the gifts, please be at the radio station at 8AM. Otherwise, please meet our group at Asia City Mall at 9AM. Please wear your white VCSA shirts!

Many thanks and happy holidays to you all!


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