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Walk-A-Thon for the Flood Victims
in Central Vietnam - December 12, 1999

Date: Sunday December 12, 1999
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Place: SouthWest Area - Beechnut @ Boone
11304 Beechnut - Tel: (281) 495-8936
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P.O. Box 131823, Houston, Texas 77219 - Tel: (281) 495-8936 - Fax: (281) 855-2868


Contact: Anhlan Nguyen - (281) 847-3396
Phillip Huynh - (281) 514-6011

Date: December 12, 1999

(Houston - Texas) The Vietnamese-American communities in Houston (Texas), Orange County (Southern California), and San Jose (Northern California) again joined hands to organize successfully three simultaneous walks on Sunday, December 12, 1999 to raise funds for flood victims in Vietnam. These walkathons are only part of numerous fund raising efforts which have mushroomed within the Vietnamese communities throughout the world in the last few weeks following news of the worst floods in Vietnam in 100 years.

In Houston, the Vietnamese Community of Houston & Vicinity organized the walk-a-thon with the collaboration of more than twenty Vietnamese-American youth, community and religious organizations. The walk took place on Sunday December 12, 1999 - starting at Beechnut @ Boone, Houston TX from 10:00am to 1:00pm – covering a distance of three miles. The total amount raised on the walk-a-thon day was $112,951.00 which made the total amount raised by the Flood Relief Committee in Houston to $160,000.00. More pledge money is expected to be sent in shortly. Despite the bad weather condition in early morning of Sunday, approximately 3000 people showed up and participated in the Houston walk-a-thon, including some State and City Officials like State Senator Johh Whitmire, State Representative Garnet Coleman, City Council Member Annese Parker, and representative of US Representative Sheila Jackson Lee. Judge Kathy Han, one of the Vietnamese judges in Houston, also participated in the walk with the community.

All donation will be routed (within two weeks after all the accounting tasks completed) to one of the following three organizations as per donor’s request on the Pledge form:

  1. American Red Cross – International Respond Fund for Flood Relief in Vietnam.
  2. Vietnamese Catholic churches organization.
  3. Vietanmese United Buddhist Organization.

This fund-raising effort was one of the greatest and most successful relief efforts in the Vietnamese-American community in Houston since its existence. The Houston walk’s success contributed to the success of the other two simultaneous walks held in San Jose (Northern California) and in Orange County (Southern California).

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P.O. Box 131823, Houston, Texas 77219 - Tel: (281) 495-8936 - Fax: (281) 855-2868


Contact: Nguye~n Phu’c Anh Lan - (281) 847-3396
Huy`nh Ngo.c Phuo’c - (281) 514-6011
Date: December 12, 1999


Ke’t Qua? So Kho?i Cu?a Cuo.c DDi Bo. Ta.i Houston DDe? Gay Quy~ Cu’u Tro. Na.n Nhan Lu~ Lu.t

(Houston, Texas) Cuo.c ddi bo. gay quy~ cu’u tro. na.n nhan lu~ lu.t mie`n Trung Vie.t Nam dda~ die~n tie’n mo.t ca’ch to’t dde.p ta.i Houston trong khoa?ng tho`i gian tu` 10 gio` sa’ng dde’n 1 gio` trua nga`y chu? nha.t 12 tha’ng 12 na(m 1999, vo’i su. tham gia cu?a khoa?ng 3,000 ddo`ng ba`o\. Cuo.c ddi bo. dduo.c to? chu’c bo?i mo.t u?y ban go`m hon 20 ho.i ddoa`n, trong ddo’ co’ mo.t so’ ddoa`n the? ton gia’o, va` dda(.t duo’i su. ddie`u ho.p cu?a Ho.i DDo`ng DDa.i Die.n DDo`ng Nguo`i Vie.t Quo’c Gia ta.i Houston va` Vu`ng Phu. Ca.n.

Tham gia cuo.c ddi bo. co`n co’ mo.t so’ nhan va.t trong chi’nh quye`n Hoa Ky` nhu Nghi. Si~ Tie?u Bang John Whitmore, Nghi. Si~ Tie?u Bang Garnet Coleman, Nghi. Vien Annese Parker, Cha’nh A’n Ha`n Ba?o Khanh, va` vi. dda.i die.n Dan Bie?u Sheila Jackson Lee\.

So’ tie`n quyen go’p dduo.c ngay trong nga`y ddi bo. la` 112,951 my~ kim. Nhu va.y, chung vo’i so’ tie`n nha.n dduo.c truo’c nga`y na`y, to?ng so’ tie`n do U?y Ban quyen dduo.c cho cuo.c ddi bo. dda~ len dde’n khoa?ng 160,000 my~ kim. DDay la` so’ tie`n lo’n nha’t thu dduo.c tu` mo.t cong ta’c thie.n nguye.n trong ddo`ng nguo`i Vie.t ta.i Houston, ke? tu` nga`y ddo`ng dduo.c tha`nh la.p. DDie`u dda’ng dde` ca.p la` ddo`ng ba`o dda~ ha(ng ha’i tham gia cuo.c ddi bo., ba’t cha’p su. dde do.a cu?a con mua ta`m ta~ ddo? xuo’ng tha`nh pho’ Houston tu` ddem hom truo’c va` chi? ta.m cha’m du’t va`i phu’t ngay truo’c gio` cuo.c ddi bo. dduo.c khai ma.c.

U?y Ban tien lie.u se~ nha.n them mo.t so’ ngan phie’u ba?o tro. cho cuo.c ddi bo. trong nhu~ng nga`y sa(‘p dde’n, va` se~ thong ba’o ke’t qua? chi’nh thu’c cu?a cuo.c quyen go’p trong vo`ng hai tua`n ke? tu` hom nay\. Sau khi kha’u tru` chi phi’ to? chu’c, so’ tie`n na`y se~ dduo.c chuye?n dde’n ca’c na.n nhan ba~o lu.t qua ca’c to? chu’c trung gian do chi’nh nguo`i tham gia cuo.c ddi bo. cho.n lu.a\. Ca’c to? chu’c trung gian na`y go`m: 1) Ho.i Ho`ng Tha.p Tu. Hoa Ky`, 2) Toa` To?ng Gia’m Mu.c DDi.a Pha.n Hue’, va` 3) Gia’o Ho.i Pha.t Gia’o Vie.t Nam Tho’ng Nha’t.

Trong cu`ng nga`y 12 tha’ng 12 na(m 1999, ca’c ddo`ng Vie.t Nam ta.i Orange County, San Jose o? Hoa Ky`, va` ta.i U’c DDa.i Lo.i cu`ng Tan Tay Lan cu~ng dda~ to? chu’c nhu~ng cuo.c ddi bo. gay quy~ cu’u tro. tuong tu.\.

Final Result

Final Result

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Fund Raising Teams

Fund Raising Team @ HongKong I (11/20/99) Fund Raising Team @ HongKong I (11/20/99) - Picture 2 Selling T-Shirts Solicit Donation Fund Raising Team @ Auchan (11/20/99)

Flood Victims


To raise fund for the American Red Cross International Response Fund focused on the Relief effort for the Flood Victims in Central Vietnam.

Time and Place:

The walk will be held in the SouthWest area in Houston (3 miles) starting at Beechnut and Boone, northbound on Boone street, eastbound on Bellaire, southbound on Wilcrest and westbound on Beechnut from 9:00am to 12:00pm on Sunday December 12, 1999. The walk-a-thon in Houston is organized by the Vietnamese Community in Houston & Vicinity.

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To participate in the walk, the participant will solicit pledges or donations from relatives and friends from school, work or neighborhood and submit them to the organizing committee on or before the day of the walk. All participating communities or groups will organize their own campaigns to publicize the event and mobilize their members. Donors can also make direct donations to the relief campaign by sending their donations directly to the organizing committee.

The minimum of the total sponsorship amount collected per walker is $5.00.

Pledge cards and Registration forms can be obtained at the following locations:

Vietnamese Community of Houston and Vicinity office 11304 Beechnut (281) 495-8936
Thien Nga Bookstore 2929 Milam Street (713) 520-8013
Ngay Nay Bookstore 8200 Wilcrest #5 (281) 568-6400
Van Hoa Bookstore 2606 Main St. #106 (713) 528-2606
Thang Hung Super Market 11246 Veterans Memorial (281) 999-1239
HongKong III Super Market 10909 Scardale (281) 484-6100

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Where the donation goes?

Donation to American Red Cross is tax-deductible (receipt will be furnished upon request).
All proceeds from the walk will be distributed to the victims in the Central of Vietnam. Please make check payable to "American Red Cross - I.R.F" with a memo to Vietnamese Flood Victims Relief and send it to:

VietNamese Community of Houston & Vicinity (VNCH)
PO Box 131823
Houston, TX 77219-1823.

For more information please contact (281) 495-8936 or (281) 847-3396 or (281) 514-6011

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Houston Organizing Committee:

Project Chair: Mr. Nguyen Cao My (VNCH)
General Coordinator: Ms Nguyen Phuc Anhlan (Van Hoa Khoa Hoc Viet Nam)
Assistant to General Coordinator: Mr. Huynh Ngoc Phuoc
Dr. Ho Ngoc Chan (Hiep Luc)
Treasurer: Mr. Truong Cong Thai (VN Teamwork),
Mr. Pham Huy Hop (VHKHVN),
Ms. Nguyen Bich Chau (The He)
Team Work Group: Dr. Ho Ngoc Chan
Publicity: TBA
Marketing and Campaign: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bao (VHKHVN),
Mr. Tran Quang Tich (HO),
Ms. Nguyen Kim (Lion Vietnam)
Public Relations: Huynh Ngoc Phuoc & Nguyen Phuc Anh Lan
Registration and Permit: Ms. Nguyen Kim (Lion Vietnam)
Printing and Publishing: K.T. printing.
Fund Raising: Ms. Huynh Tieu Muoi (VHKHVN),
Mr. Dang Minh Hung
Regulation and Safety Control: Mr. Tran Quang Tich (HO),
Mr. Ho Anh Triet (Hoi AH Quang Ngai)
Crowd Control: Mr. Tran Ngoc Thien (VHKHVN),
Mr. Truong Cong Thai (Hiep Luc)
First Aid: TBA
Refreshment: Mr. Nguyen Cuong & Pham Minh
Decoration: Mr. Huynh Van Son (VN Teamwork)
Technical: Mr. Truong Le (Catholic group)
Registration: Ms. Nguyen Kim (Lion Vietnam)
Entertainment: TBA

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