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Vietnamese-American Youth Excellence Award
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Date: Sunday August 6, 2000
Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm
Place: Kim Son IV Restaurant
300 Milam Houston, TX 77002

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Featuring Keynote Speaker: Mrs. Loan Duy Le

Year 2000 Recipient Awards

Recipients of awards 2000 class

VCSA members Recipient Award and VCSA members Organizing Committee


After 1975, there have been large waves of Vietnamese refugees escaping from Vietnam to the United States, Canada, and other western countries. Since then, the Vietnamese-American population has grown tremendously and contributed a great deal to the adopted homeland. With a population of more than one million, the Vietnamese-American communities in the United States have started building their lives and contributed to the society in all different fields. The second and third generations of Vietnamese-American have increased in population and comprised a major part of these communities.

In 1997, The Vietnamese Culture and Science Association organized the first Vietnamese-American Youth Recognition Luncheon to recognize the academic achievement of 13 Vietnamese-American students who graduated from more than 40 local high schools in Houston as Valedictorians or Salutatorians. Mayor Lee Brown was the Keynote Speaker for this event. The event has been very well received by the community and had a very positive impacts on the Asian youth in general and the Vietnamese-American youths in particular. The event emphasized the importance of education and encouraged the youth to excel in the academic field. In 1998 and 1999, we continued this program in an Annual event of our organization. The event recognized excellent academic achievements of Vietnamese-American students from local high schools.

This year, Vietnamese Culture and Science Association is proud to present the Fourth Annual Youth Excellence Recognition program. In this event, we will present a slide show which captures many events and activities organized by VCSA. These slides are intended to show the audience the philosophy and intention of VCSA to younger generations. We also would like to encourage the younger generations of Vietnamese-Americans to excel in education by recognizing the outstanding academic and leadership achievements of the Vietnamese-American high school students in the Houston and vicinity areas, who graduated as Valedictorian or Salutatorian of their respective schools. We will also include some cultural performances related to the Vietnamese culture during the Luncheon.

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Keynote Speaker
Mrs. Loan Duy Le

Mrs. Loan Duy LeDuy-Loan T. Le came to America in 1975 with no father and a family of 9, mostly women and children. She received her first recognition in the US in 1976 as 'Citizen of the Month' from Kiwanis International Club. She
graduated from Alief Hastings High School at 16 as Valedictorian of her class of 335 students in 1979. Duy-Loan received her BSEE from University of Texas at 19 with High Honor in 1982 and subsequently obtained her MBA
from University of Houston while working full time.

In 1981, Houston Chronicle named her 'Scholastic Wonder' and The University of Texas cited her as 'Scholarship Winner Out Of The Ordinary'. In the same year, Duy-Loan received commendation from the Office of The Ambassador of The Royal Netherlands for her outstanding scholastic achievement and her humanitarian effort in fund raising to aid the Vietnamese refugees.

She started as a memory design engineer in 1982 at the age of 19 with Texas Instruments (TI), a world wide company on the list of Fortune 100 and a leader in Digital Signal Processor and Analog. She was promoted to design manager in 1989 and program manager in 1994. As a program manger in TI's Memory organizaiton, Duy-Loan managed world wide project teams and was responsible for bringing up TI memory devices, a multi-billion-product line, at 'all' joint venture partners on 3 continents for the 'first' time in TI's history. She is currently managing developmen projects for wireless communication (WBCDMA for 3G Base Station) using leading edge technology.

Duy-Loan's technical contributions at Texas Instruments were recognized with her election as a Member of Technical Staff in 1990, Senior Member of Technical Staff in 1993, the 'first' woman at TI to be elected Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in 1997 and the 'first' woman ever elected TI-Fellow in 1999 (equivalent to a VP level on the business side). Duy-Loan holds 17 patents and 10 pending applications. Duy-Loan developed a 6 month technical training program which was fanned out to 7 plant sites in 5 different countries and has published 3 papers. She has been featured in IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) SPECTRUM and Asian Enterprise trade journals. Duy-Loan received Top 20 Houston Women in Technology Award for Year 2000 from the Association of Women in Computing. She is a registered Professional Engineer (PE).

Duy-Loan's contributions to TI on the people front is no less impressive. She chaired TI Houston Women Initiative and has initiated several programs supporting career advancement for minorities such as 'Nurturing Minority To The Technical Ladder', 'Nurturing Women To TI-Fellow Rank', Professional Lecture Series, DSP Bootcamp for Managers/Supervisors and Vietnamese Initiative. She serves as a key member to the TI Houston Diversity Leadership Team and is a mentor for many TIers and well as non-TIers. TI honors her contributions at the annual Diversity Forum 'Fast Forward: Taking Diversity To The Next Level', profiling her for technical as well as people leadership.

Duy-Loan's service to the community includes participation in various projects sponsored by United Way. She was recognized for her involvement for many years in Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas. She participates in numerous fund raising projects for colleges, orphanages, and foundations that support education for children, especially the third world. Duy-Loan is an invited speaker nationwide.

Duy-Loan Le is married to her husband for 17+ years. She has two boys, Quy-Dan 6 and Quy-Don 3. She travels quite a bit in her business and has lived extended periods of time overseas. She enjoys deap sea fishing, reading, movie, classical music, painting, and playing poker.

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wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Nguyen Bich Chi Valedictorian Alief Hasting High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Nguyen Thu Hanh Valedictorian Thomas Jefferson High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Le Kim Khanh Hong Valedictorian G. W. Carver High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Nguyen Hung Valedictorian Deer Park High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Pham Tuan Huy Valedictorian Alief-Elsik High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Nguyen Phung Hy Valedictorian Spring Woods High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Nguyen Thanh Linda Valedictorian Northbrook School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Nguyen Gia Thang Valedictorian Eastwood Academy
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Do Quy Linh Thi Valedictorian Memorial High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy Valedictorian Thomas Jefferson High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Pham Thuy Trang Valedictorian Langham Creek High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Tran Alexander Salutotarian Alief Kerr High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Phan Thi Nhu Chuyen Salutotarian Stephen F. Austin High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Nguyen Thy Elizabeth Salutotarian South Houston High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Ho Thien Nang Daniel Salutotarian Willowridge High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Vu Thuy Phi Salutotarian Pearland High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Pham Thu Salutotarian G. W. Carver High School
wpe4.jpg (723 bytes) Tran Anh Nguyen Vera Salutotarian Michael E. DeBakey High School

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Dr. Trang Si Tan - Northside General Hospital
Texas Instrument
United Central Bank
KT Printing
Kim Son Restaurant
Metropolitan Life Foundation - (Volunteer Ventures Grant)
Duke Energy Corporation
Shell Oil Company
EDS Technology Company
Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen The Nghiep
Mr. Binh Nguyen & Metropolitan Life
Trung Vuong Alumni Group
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Dr. & Mrs. Tran Van Thuan
Sake Restaurant - Dr. Hai Nguyen
Dr. Nguyen Kim Thuy
Dr. Nguyen Kim Hai
Dr. Nguyen Duc Thai
Medical Associates of Pearland
Boat People SOS, Houston Office
Hoi Thuy Quan Luc Chien VNCH
Gia Long Alumni Group
Mr. & Mrs. Ngo Huu Lien
Dr. Ho Phan Ha
Dr. Nguyen Duc Dinh
Dr. Pham Ngoc Giao
Ben's Photography
Kim's Fabric
A & T Auto
Tam Nguyen Farmers Insurance
Little Saigon Radio
VOVN Radio
Ngay Nay Magazine

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